Tuesday, October 14, 2008

2008 Ibrahim Index of African Governance

It ranks African governments in five dimensions (safety and security, rule of law & transparency, participation & human rights, sustainable economic opportunity, and human development) and then puts these together to arrive at an overall ranking.

Mauritius comes top again this year; and the top 5 countries (Seychelles, Cape Verde, Botswana and South Africa) are unchanged.

Across the table as a whole,mMore than half of the countries in sub-Saharan Africa – 31 out of 48 – have recorded an improvement, with the biggest improvement overall in Liberia.

I was encouraged to see that the most progress has been made across the continent in the category of “Participation and Human Rights”, with improvements in 29 out of 48 countries.

Regionally, every region except one - the Horn of Africa - has seen an improvement overall.

The countries at the bottom seem stuck there, however. Of the bottom 10 countries, 8 saw no improvement compared to last year.