Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Eritrea suffers from foreign interference

Eritrean Minister of Information Ali Abdu said that his country is in a condition similar to that of Iran and exposed to the interference and plots of big powers.

While inspecting different parts, late Sunday, Abdu added in a meeting with the IRNA chief Mohammad Jafar Behdad that Eritrea is also subject to foreign intervention.

The aliens are interfering in local affairs of the country under the pretext of solving the prevailing crisis in the country, he complained, adding that they want to bring the state under their control once again.

He underlined that modern and advanced technology is needed to overcome the challenges and psychological impacts of the interferences.

Development of communication technology is a must for the countries such as Eritrea to counter the media dominated by the big powers, he noted.

Describing media cooperation between Eritrea and Iran as important, Abdu also said that strengthening media cooperation will help overcome news monopoly.

Stating that Iran has made a remarkable progress in the field of media and information technology, the Eritrean minister hoped that Iran will make its achievements in the field of IT available to the country.

Complaining about the incorrect coverage of East African news by the western media, he also proposed the establishment of an IRNA representative office in the Horn of Africa to cover news on Eastern Africa based on facts and realities.

Behdad, for his part, briefed the minister about IRNA's activities abroad.

"IRNA which has more than 50 domestic and 30 foreign offices, is one of the most influential news agencies in the region and world," he said.

News released by IRNA reflect the official position of Iranian officials, he said.

Referring to the significance of the freedom of expression and pen in the media, Behdad also said that in Iran the media are operating freely within the framework of regulations and ethical principles.