Saturday, June 6, 2009

COMESA: Zambia Continues to Benefit in COMESA

A quarter of Zambia’ s economic growth is a result of intra- COMESA trade, the Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Honourable Felix Mtali has revealed.

Speaking in an interview, Mr Mutati said COMESA was also the bridge to international markets and urged member states to work towards achieving the regional integration through the customs union.

“70 percent of our(Zambia) growth is generated through exports and a quarter of exports we do with COMESA member states. The bloc has positive trade balance and the gains are real,”

“Like charity which begins at home, trade begins at home so let us work together as a bloc before we focus on Europe or America,” Minister Mutati told the Daily Bulletin.

Zambia Continues to Benefit in COMESA The Zambian Minister added that the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) can only be achieved by regional cooperation.

“Trade and investment through a borderless region shall see us achieving the 2015 MDGs. This is bigger picture we are looking forward to where the market will be big and investments bigger in the member states”.

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