Wednesday, May 26, 2010

U.S. and India's "Defining Partnership" Continues to Grow

As President Obama says, "The relationship between the United States and India will be one of the defining partnerships of the 21st century." Read more about the U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue, U.S.-India partnership and cooperation, and direct engagement between U.S. and Indian leaders and audiences.

U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue

State Announces Upcoming U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue in June ( )
Singh Envisages Strengthened U.S.-Indian Strategic Partnership ( )
Obama, India's Singh Pledge Support and Cooperation ( )

U.S.-India Relations

Obama Honors India in First Official Visit, State Dinner (
Joint Statement by President Obama, Indian Prime Minister Singh (
Indian Prime Minister Honored with State Dinner (
Remarks by Obama and Indian Prime Minister Singh at State Dinner (
Joint Statement by President Obama, Indian Prime Minister Singh (
Remarks by Obama, Indian Prime Minister Singh at Press Conference (
Clinton Remarks at Arrival Ceremony for Indian Prime Minister (
Singh's State Visit to Build on U.S.-India Relations (
Message by Secretary Clinton on India's Independence Day (
United States Seeks Deeper Relations with India (
Clinton Calls for an Upgrade in U.S.-India Relations (
India a Crucial U.S. Partner, Says Obama (
Obama Administration Seeks New Progress in U.S.-Indian Relations (
Message from President Obama to India on Republic Day (

U.S.-India partnerships and development cooperation

U.S.-India Nuclear Pact Will Create Jobs, Clean Energy (
Fact Sheet on U.S.-India Actions on Security, Terrorism (
U.S., India to Address Energy and Food Security, Climate Change (
Fact Sheet on U.S.-India Cooperation to Protect Health (
Fact Sheet on U.S.-India Actions to Stimulate Economic Revival (
Enhancing U.S.-India Cooperation on Education and Development (
Fact Sheet on U.S.-India Actions to Stimulate Economic Revival (
Fact Sheet on U.S.-India Agreements and Achievements (
Partnerships in Sustainable Off-Grid Solar Power (
U.S.-India Joint Agreement on Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy (
India, United States Host Forum on Promoting Methane Capture, Use (
U.S.-India Nuclear Pact Will Create Jobs, Clean Energy (
Note on U.S.-India Civil Nuclear Cooperation (
U.S. Strategy Expands Tuberculosis Treatment, Control (
Teaching India's Poorest, and Herself (
Secretary Gates Emphasizes U.S.-India Opportunities During Visit (
U.S., South Central Asia Combat Polio Through Partnerships (
Reforms Promote Business in Indian Cities (
United States, South Asia Groups Empower Women to Fight Violence (
U.S., India on Energy Security, Climate Change Cooperation (
Girls' School Breaks Cycle of Poverty, 10 Rupees at a Time (
India's Global Position on Climate Change (
NASA Satellite Data Discover Vanishing Groundwater in India (
U.S. Global Partnerships Key in Fighting Drug-Resistant TB (
Innovative Activists Save Trafficking Victims in Jordan and India (
Online Maps Enable Citizens to Report, Track Events (
U.S.-Indian Team Investigates Alternative Energy Source in India (
Reason Is Countering Religious Violence in India (
Obama Aims to Partner with South Asia on Critical Issues (

Secretary Clinton's travel to India

U.S.-India Joint Statement Following Clinton's New Delhi Meetings (
Secretary Clinton at Teach India event in Mumbai (
Remarks by Secretary Clinton at Delhi University Town Hall (
Articles Related to Secretary Clinton's Visit to India (
Remarks by Clinton at U.S.-India Business Council's Anniversary (

Texts, transcripts of note

State's Blake at Foreign Press Center on U.S.-India Relations (
State's Burns Says India a Crucial Partner for the United States (
State Department Official Discusses U.S.-India Relations (
Assistant Secretary Highlights U.S.-India Relations, Trade, Education (

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