Friday, October 31, 2008

Opinion: The same old theory against Eritrea

By Ibrahim Ibrahim, Sudan Tribune - Thursday 30 October 2008

Once the United Nations Security Council sentenced Eritrea to vanish for the benefit of USA’s interest and the then close friend and ally Emperor Haile Selassie’s Ethiopia. To reverse the illegal sentence, that is unification of Eritrea to Ethiopia coasted tens of thousands of innocent Eritreans and ended with victory to the rule of law of an independent Eritrea in 1991. The illegal unification of Eritrea to Ethiopia was designed and went for implementation at Washington’s state department and sealed at UNSC’s meeting that resembles with its totality to the current theatrical drama by Djibouti’s President against Eritrea.

The world body, instead of verifying the reality on ground was quick to accuse and condemn Eritrea’s self defense. Eritrea vowed to solve the unwanted provocation by Djibouti in a manner that does not embarrass the President of Djibouti and his immature action.

Last week’s drama with in the same UN building, the US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs has played crucial roll behind the seen. Unwarranted accusation by the sisterly nation Djibouti against Eritrea has been voiced. The accusation rather surmounts itself for lack of proof and reality on the ground.

President Gelleh of Djibouti’s accusation to Eritrea’s occupation of his countries sovereign land verifies nothing but the bribe paid by Ethiopian minority regime to his Excellency, and orchestrated cooperation to satisfy Ms. Fraser of US State Department who has been challenged with failure over failure in the whole continent. Mr. Gelleh’s accusation surpassed the minority regime in Ethiopia’s expectation, when he played the same roll that Ethiopia used to manipulate sympathy.

The same old theory, the Security Council members failed to try to figure out the main reason behind all these fabricated lies, and carry its legal responsibility. The wording and accusations does not reconcile with the responsibility they UNSC is vested upon.

It was hoped that the same body has learned from its past history in regard to Eritrea as a people who gave their precious lives to reverse the howler and as a free nation and people who are willing to give all what they possess to uphold their freedom. Yet the Security Council seems to have short lived memory and is trying to threat the same people with punishment unless it is bowed to the illegal and corrupted accusation.

The people of Eritrea in defiance of all negative campaigns and threats struggled to achieve its independence with its totality through self-reliance and mutual respect to its neighbors. Exchanging the hand that extended to mutually benefit the peoples of the region into personal and individual benefits of leaders as such Mr. Gelleh and his Ethiopian counter part in corruption, sooner or later will be ditched out by the same people who are using them. The hegemony and irresponsible act by US State Department against the peace loving people of Eritrea and overall the whole region in the Horn of Africa is rejected.

* The author is the Former Bank of Eritrea Administrator currently resides in United States of America. He can be reached at