Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Puma store opens in Mauritius

Mauritius received its first taste of dedicated Puma gear this month with the launch of the marque's first brand store on the island this month. Consumers and travellers to Mauritius will now have access to a wide range of Puma's sports lifestyle products available in one store.

“Puma South Africa is delighted to announce the continuation of its expansion as part of [the brand's] global strategy with the opening of its first ... store in Mauritius,” said PUMA South Africa Managing Director Ronald Rink. “We see a great opportunity to supply our retail concept to this market as Mauritius is one of the most desirable holiday destinations in the world and Puma one of the most desirable sports lifestyle brands in the world. This store will replicate the hugely successful ... stores found in all the major cosmopolitan cities of the world and will be operated by Puma Mauritius Distributor H.M. Rawat.”

Shoppers can expect to see new ranges introduced on a monthly to quarterly basis. The Spring/Summer 2008 collection includes the Urban Mobility range, a new venture into the premium accessories category for the brand, and collaborations with international designers such as Japan's Yasuhiro Mihara and footwear from the Rudolf Dassler range. The store stocks retail exclusive and line extensions, as well as the Puma Evisu jeans range, which can only be found in the dedicated brand stores.

The store is located at HM Rawat Business Centre, 149-151 Royal Road, Beau Bassin, Mauritius.