Saturday, November 1, 2008

Zambia and the Doing Business 2009 report.


One of the many charts on SADC comparisons from Doing Business 2009 report . You can read the report to check how Zambia compares on specific strands. By the way, I am still confused by the conclusion in this news report on Zambia's improvement. A reading of last year's report does indeed show Zambia was 116 for 2008, but that was out of 178 countries. This year the report contains 181 countries and appears to suggest that Zambia has only improved by 1 place from 101 for 2008 to 100 for 2009 (possible adjustments to the index somewhere ?). Anyway I am sure someone will explain it for us, in the meantime, its not too difficult to see from the charts below how Zambia improved (whether by 1 or 16 places).: