Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Eritrea: Infrastructure Facilities Worth Over 1 Million Nakfa Put in Place in Adi-Nahbai Administrative Area

The construction of three wells and a water tanker, as well as the repair work of a water reservoir in Adi-Nahbai administrative area at a cost of over 1.1 million Nakfa have been finalized and are rendering service.

The expense was covered jointly by the Eritrean government and partners.

The supervisor of the project, Mr. Afwerki Araya, indicated that the water reservoir in the area has been repaired in a manner that upgrades its capacity to hold water from previously 10,000 cubic meter to over 12,000 cubic meters of water.

He further pointed out that the digging of three wells in the locality have made due contribution for the inhabitants of each village to obtain potable water supply in their respective areas.

Adi-Nahbai administrative area with more than 1,000 inhabitants is located 22 km west of Dubarwa.