Monday, December 15, 2008

Exploit Uganda tourism potential

The New Vision, 14/12/2008, By Wilfred Sanya

THE business community should tap tourism resources and tourism products in foreign markets to attract more tourists to Uganda.

The tourism state minister, Serapio Rukundo, said they could start the process by developing cultural centres, historical sites and unique natural endowments.

“We need to look at existing tourism resources before we look at getting loans to boost our businesses.

“Most districts are blessed with natural resources, which can earn us a lot of foreign exchange if harnessed,” Rukundo said during the Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (UNCCI) annual general meeting in Kampala last week.

He said the Government has established national export, marketing, agro-processing, competitiveness and the investment strategies to boost trade.

Olive Kigongo, the UNCCI president, appealed to the Government to guard against importation of sub-standard goods.

“We serve as a dumping ground for inferior goods. If the Government does not rectify this, they would have failed to protect the citizens,” Kigongo said.

The group also appealed to the Government to make laws to stop manufacturers from retailing their own products.