Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Multi-billion shopping center opens in February 2009

By Kiganda Ssonko

A multi-billion Oasis Shopping Mall under construction on Yusuf Lule Road is set to be open in February, a top official disclosed over the weekend.

The complex is owned by Hajati Amina Hersi.

Andrew Walungama, the country manager, explained that the facility opposite former Shimon Primary School land, would be the biggest shopping mall in Uganda when completed.

“It’s going to be a one-stop shopping centre.

“It’s going to have all modern facilities and equipment found in modern shopping malls in the Western world.
“We are doing final touches and target opening by February 2009,” Walungama told reporters at the site during the a thanks-giving ceremony.

The ceremony was attended by Kampala mayor, Nasser Ssebaggala, Prince Kassim Nakibinge, Medi Ssebaggala and hundreds of other Muslims.

The mall, under Oasis Hotels Ltd, whose construction started in 2007, stands on 18,000 square metres of land or 4.5 acres. It has a two-floor parking space for over 450 vehicles.

It will accommodate banking institutions, cinemas and Nakumat Supermarket, which will occupy 60% of the building.

“Our tenants will include Barclays, Ecobank, Kenya Commercial Bank Uganda, Uganda Microfinance, a forex bureau, boutiques, cinemas, food coats, Nandos, a modern pharmacy, Bata shop, many light shops and four coffee shops.

The facility is to be fully air-conditioned with escalators on all the four floors and enough stairs for fire escapes. Maximum security is part of our priorities,” Walungama said.

He said the shopping mall is a first-phase development on the land where Oasis Hotels plans to put up a ‘Oasis Hotel’ starting next year on the land behind the facility.

“For a start, we have decided to cater for shopping needs of the people.
“In our second phase, we shall put up a hotel to address contemporary hotel service demand in the country. Ugandans should expect the best,” he said.

Ssebaggala said Kampala City Council (KCC) was happy with the development.
“At KCC, we give development our priority. We extended a lease of an idle land to Hajati Amina and that is why she has managed to put up this asset.

This facility is going to generate taxes for KCC and the central government to the tune of over sh1.5b annually. Already many Ugandans are employed here.”
and more will work here when it’s completed,” he said.