Friday, December 19, 2008

Report Highlights Four Key Risks Facing the Region

Africa is at an inflection point. The prospect of the region sustaining 5% growth is achievable, but a number of risks loom large, threatening future development and security, according to a report released today by the World Economic Forum's Global Risk Network.

Published to coincide with the World Economic Forum on Africa (Cape Town, South Africa, 4-6 June 2008), the Africa@Risk 2008 Report features the latest insights into trends, potential consequences and mitigation relevant to four key risks facing Africa:

1. Food and Freshwater Security – How best can Africa cope with increasing food and freshwater insecurity? What are the risks and opportunities for the region?
2. Geopolitical Instability – Can Africa sustain and consolidate progress on transparent and democratically accountable governance? Can it increase its institutional capacity to prevent, manage and resolve both intrastate and interstate conflict?
3. Economic Shocks – Can African resource-rich countries reduce their commodity dependency by diversifying their economies? How can wealth be better distributed? How can African countries increase their trade benefits?
4. Climate Change, the Environment and Challenges to Africa’s Development – How will global warming affect Africa? How best can the region, countries, businesses and communities adapt to mitigate its effects?