Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Zambia: Central Province continues developing infrastructure for economic development

CENTRAL Province has continued to strategically focus on increased emphasis in agriculture, health, infrastructure development, and education, a senior government official has charged.

Provincial Permanent Secretary, Denny Lumbama said this during the opening of the Provincial Development Coordinating Committee in Kabwe today.

“I am happy to also note that the Province has continued to take the lead in terms of agriculture and I am hopeful that it will continue yielding the same results this year,” he lamented.

In terms of Agriculture, he disclosed that the Nansanga Farming block in Serenje had been allocated a total of K60 billion for rehabilitations, which would begin as soon as possible.

He cautioned the departments that would be responsible for the projects to make sure that they executed their duties diligently so as to improve the farming block to the expected standards.

In Education, the PS acknowledged the progress of the Mulungushi University and the Nkrumah College of Education, which he said were doing very well in terms of tertiary education.

He also stated that the Province had reserved K1 billion for the transformation of grass-thatched schools into modern schools.

In health, Mr Lumbama said that the two hospitals that were being constructed in Kapiri Mposhi and Mumbwa District were progressing very well and that the works would soon be completed.

“In terms of health facilities here in Kabwe, our main hospital Kabwe General Hospital was over burdened so we decided that the fees at the Kabwe Mine Hospital (KMH) be reduced by 50%,” he said.

Mr. Lumbama said that as government they were happy that the eight-centre water project was going on very well.

He also noted that unemployment was a challenge, which the government in the Province was facing and as such urged departments, Nongovernmental organisations, and Parastatals to address as they worked.

The PS hoped that the reopening of the Mine in Kabwe as well as Mulungushi Textiles would help in addressing the challenge.

Source: Lusaka Times