Tuesday, June 9, 2009

1200 MW for the Sudanese National electricity corporation

Sudanese National electricity corporation implements various projects at a total generation of 1200 megawat and transference line at a length of 2400 km/

Translated by Elham Mahmoud for Sudan News Agency [SUNA]

The national electricity corporation has made great steps to provide a stable electricity supply to all the states of the Sudan with the adherence to the high efficiency and low cost and with care for the workers in the electricity sector to realize the objective of satisfying the clients and to maintain the standards of the IZO certificate

The corporation has submitted its quarterly performance report which feflects the activities and projects in the different electricity sectors where the capacity of the generation stations under construction amounts to more than 1200 megawat at a total cost of about 1.4 billion USD and the transferences stations with the transforming stations covers areas exceeding 2400 km. at an estimated cost of 0.6 billion USD in addition to a distributing projects in a form of transformers at a total cost of about 0.2 billion USD

The performance report included the implementation conditions in nine of the generating projects represented in the lined turbines project which consists of eight turbines at a power of 380 kilowat per turbines

The project aimed at benifiting from static energy from the Jabal Awlia Dam and all the assembling operations are completed and the work is going on now to connect the station by the new control center. Garri electricity project (4) will work to increase the generation in the network by adding 110 megawat through tow units, the first one will enter the service by the end of current June and the second one after tow months

The station will use a cheap fuel which is the petroleum coal which is currently produced from Khartoum refinery and the work in it is done by 95 %. Another project , the extention of Alshaheed electricity station is concerned beside the increase in the electricity production by the increasing and developing the Sudanese experts in this sphere and to utilize the Sudanese fuel

The project consist of tw vapor units at atotal energy of 200 megawat , and 75% of the work in it has been implemented

Menwhile the total cost of Alfashir generating project is estimated at 15 million euro and expected to enter the service programme next July to provide supply to the residential parts of Alfashir town and to supply the town's water resources by electricity and to meet the increasing demand of electricity by the residential and ind. industrial sectors. The project consist of three desiel generators at a total capacity of 10 megawat with all its accessories and the work is now proceeding to establish the building of the station and the basis for the machineries

In Kosti the generation station consists of four units at a total energy of 125 megawat and expect the work to end at the end of 2010

The Red Sea project as a first phase aimed at adding new generating energy amounting to 450 MW for the national network using low cost fuel from the charcoal to reduce the operating cost which is reflected positively in the consuming tarrif

There is also Garri (3) project which aimed at adding 540 MW to the national network according to the long term plan and the work in this project is expected to end by the year 2012 , meanwhile Alfoola electricity generating station consists of three units and their accessories each unit has a capacity of 135 MW and the three units work at at total capacity of 405 MW an include a transference lines at a length of 350 km starting from Al-Obied , Aldibaibat , Abuzaid, Alfoula and Babanousa.