Saturday, June 6, 2009

Iran fully backs Zim

IRAN fully supports Zimbabwe and is seeking ways of further strengthening bilateral relations.

Iran’s ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Rasoul Momeni said Zimbabwe is endowed with vast resources, which if fully exploited could lead to great economic development.

He was speaking at commemorations to mark the 20th anniversary of the demise of the founder of Iran, Imam Khomeini. Mr Momeni said it was Iran’s foreign policy to support liberation movements around the globe.

"An important principle of Imam’s foreign policy is negation of oppression, defence of the oppressed and supporting freedom movements of the world.

"Imam emphasised that in order to achieve their basic rights of freedom, respectful life, the oppressed people of the world must unite. Imam declared that Iran will stand by all the oppressed people and offered Iran’s full support to the liberation movements around the globe," said Mr Momeni.

He said that in line with this policy Iran has always supported the occupied and oppressed nation of Palestine, which has been struggling for more than 60 years to gain its basic rights of freedom and self-determination.

Mr Momeni said Iran also believed in mutual respect and non interference in internal affairs of any country adding that Teheran wanted to have friendly relations with all countries of the world on the basis of reciprocal respect.

Harare Metropolitan Province Governor and Resident Minister David Karimanzira said Imam Khomeini portrayed a shining example of one of Iran’s illustrious son who led the Islamic struggle in Iran from the start to the bitter end.

Source: The Herald