Thursday, July 9, 2009

M-Tech builds first mobile phone plant in Africa

The first mobile phone assembling factory established in Africa has been built in Zambia. M-Tech Mobile Telecommunications Zambia Limited is targeting Southern African countries as the desired market for their handsets.

The Melcome Group, in collaboration with the Zambian government and the Japan International Cooperation Agency, started the project three years ago. Orginally $3.5 million was invested in the factory, and by the time the project was fully completed another $7 million has been spent bringing the plant on line.

The factory has since started operations and has produced ten thousand (10, 000) mobile phones. The next consignment of 30, 000 is currently underway.

M-Tech manufactures the lightweight M300 mobile phone which has FM radio, GMS, and a colour screen, among other features. The phone is selling for only $25.

The Mobile Plant has so far employed 30 workers but targets to have a workforce of 250. With a global economic crisis that has resulted in job looses throughout Zambia, the new plant offers relief to an economy that is mainly dependant on copper.

"The MTECH phones have been fine tuned to Zambian Network environment to be able to receive clear reception of the 3 network's signal. We are looking forward to introduce our phones in SADC and COMESA region countries in the coming months," M-Tech said in a statement.

"Under the Brand MTECH we are looking forward to being able to manufacture and assemble more IT and Telecommunication related products for the African market."