Saturday, July 11, 2009

Uganda Business News: Plastic packaging in Uganda under Buy African, Build Africa

United Kingdom-based Clifton Packaging Group, has unveiled a plan to use ultra violet system to process drinking water. The system, which does not use chemicals or electricity, was unveiled to President Yoweri Museveni in a meeting with the proprietors of the Group held at the Crested Crane Hotel, in Jinja Municipality.

Khalid Sheikh, Chairman of Clifton Packaging Group in Leicester UK led the delegation. Khalid Sheikh and his family are Indians of Ugandan origin that left Uganda in the early 1970s after Dictator Idi Amin expelled them and other Asians from Uganda.

According to a statement from statehouse, the ultra violet technology project, hatched under the Buy African, Build Africa (BABA) vision, will enable the processing of 6,000 litres of water per hour. It also uses 50% less plastic and will create over 5,000 jobs in one year when operational. BABA vision is also affiliated to the 19 member states of COMESA.

President Museveni appreciated the initiative and promised the Group all the necessary support by the Government of Uganda. He told the Khalid family that they should consider Uganda their home. He expressed happiness to note that although their parents are dead, the family, however, has carried on their vision of transforming Uganda by coming to invest in the country.

He gave an example of Jesus Christ and Mohammed who lived exemplary lives a long time ago and yet their legacies still live on. Museveni said that he had a vision to liberate Uganda and was already fighting Idi Amin by 1971 when the Khalid Sheikh family left for the United Kingdom.

Khalid Sheikh told President Museveni that the way forward in packaging is to use bio-degradable and recyclable material. He said that the BABA vision has a plan to also start a plastic recycling plant in Uganda to protect the environment from degradation. Khalid Sheikh further said that the BABA Vision also entails signing a deal to train entrepreneurs with the Ugandan Industrial Research Institute.

The government of Uganda this year announced a total ban on polythene bags which are the major packaging items in the country.

Note of Afrikasources: this BABA project has not been welcomed during the recent COMESA Summit in Victoria Falls