Monday, October 26, 2009

Somalia: Islamists send warning signal to Kenya and Djibouti

Sheikh Hassan Yakub Ali the Spokesman of Al-Shabab in the Jubbah regions in southern Somalia, has strongly responded to recent remarks made by Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke the Somali Prime Minister that Somali Military soldiers who have recently accomplished their military training will smoothly takeover the control of southern regions in Somalia.

“The statement made by the so called Prime Minister is nothing other than a dream, in fact we call that a daydream, and that concept made by him is beyond a healthy reasoning brain, instead our forces will get rid of them from the few locations they are in the city, we have recently said that our fighters will do horrible actions in

the cities of Uganda and Burundi, and now we are informing the governments of Kenya and Djibouti to stop offering training to Somalia soldiers, or else they will see the consequence in their respective countries” said Sheikh Hassan Yakub the spokesman of Al-Shabab in the Jubbah regions.
The spokesman was asked how they see the response made by President Musaveni regarding about their attack in Kampala.

“We don’t just say, but our words are chiefly based on actions, and soon he will see it for himself it cannot happen that only our people to wail, while their people are cheerfully enjoying they should also taste the bitter” said Sheikh Yakub.