Thursday, February 11, 2010

Haiti-Related Resources in English, Creole and Portuguese

From: Bureau of International Information Programs, U.S. Department of State

Rome Meeting to Mobilize Support for Haiti's Agricultural Sector ( )
Former President Clinton to Lead International Haiti Coordination ( )
Mobile Phone Donations Break Records for Haiti Earthquake Relief ( )
U.S. Medical Library Offers Free Information for Haiti Relief ( )
Haitian Relief Shifting to Longer-Term Sustainability Projects ( )
U.S. Intensifies Efforts to Prevent Human Trafficking in Haiti ( )
U.S. Professional Sports Leagues Reach Out to Help Haiti ( )
Haitian-American Community Contributes to Quake Relief Efforts ( )
Haiti Receives 10-Year Commitment from International Community ( )
Muslim-American Aid Groups Continue Haitian Disaster Relief ( )
Muslim-American Doctors Treat Haitian Earthquake Victims ( )
U.S., Other Nations Coordinating Massive Relief Effort in Haiti ( )
Puerto Rico's "Barge of Hope" Sails to Haiti with Relief Supplies ( )
International Community Racing to Expand Medical Care in Haiti ( )
International Stars and Singers Join in Global Concert for Haiti ( )
Bill Clinton to Lead U.N. Program on Jobs for Haitian Youth ( )
Haitian-American Muslim Collects Relief Supplies for Haiti ( )
Haitian Police, U.N. Providing Security for Relief Efforts ( )
American Forces Help Expand Aid Efforts Beyond Port-au-Prince ( )
Hard Times at Home Don't Crimp American Generosity for Haiti ( )
U.S., International Community Conquering Problems to Help Haiti ( )
Aid Distribution Set Up in Port-au-Prince; Relief Flights Expand ( )
Military Provides Humanitarian, Security Assistance in Haiti ( )
Clinton, USAID's Shah Meet with Haitian Officials, Relief Workers ( )
Haitians in United States Given Temporary Status to Remain ( )
Haitian Government Setting Relief Priorities, United States Says ( )
Obama Taps Bill Clinton, George W. Bush for Haiti Quake Relief ( )
Helicopters Arrive in Haiti to Increase Flow of Relief Aid ( )
United States "Will Do What It Takes" for Haiti, Obama Says ( )
Advancing Technology Improves Earthquake Monitoring, Analysis ( )
United States Providing Search-and-Rescue Assistance to Haiti ( )
Air Bridge Opened at Port-au-Prince Airport for Relief Efforts ( )
Haiti Disaster Relief Is Top U.S. Priority Right Now, Obama Says ( )
Texts and Transcripts
Statement on Move of Patients to Land-based Site in Haiti ( )
Statement on Departure of Haitian Orphans Covered By Parole ( )
Secretary Clinton's Interview with American Urban Radio Networks ( )
Press Conference by Ambassador Lucke, General Keen in Haiti ( )
Remarks by Secretary Clinton, Italian Foreign Minister Frattini ( )
Ambassador Wolff on U.N. Resolution on Humanitarian Aid in Haiti ( )
New York Police to Train International Police, Including Haiti's ( )
Remarks by Secretary Clinton, British Foreign Secretary Miliband ( )
Clinton's Remarks After Meeting EU High Representative Ashton ( )
State's Brimmer on U.S., U.N. Partnership for Haiti Relief ( )
U.S. Humanitarian Parole Policy for Certain Haitian Orphans ( )
Briefing on Relief Supplies, Security and Medical Help in Haiti ( )
Joint Communiqué of Governments of Haiti and the United States ( )
Ambassador Joseph's Message to Haitians (English, 30 seconds) ( )
Ambassador Joseph's Message to Haitians (English, 52 Seconds) ( )
Obama, Former Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush on Haiti ( )
USAID Administrator, State Official Brief on Situation in Haiti ( )
New Person Finder Tool for Those Missing in Haiti ( )
Designation of Temporary Protected Status for Haitians in U.S. ( )
State Department Official Briefs on Latest Developments in Haiti ( )
Obama's Call to President Fernandez of the Dominican Republic ( )
Readout of President Obama's Call with President Preval of Haiti ( )
Clinton's Interview with FOX News on Relief Efforts in Haiti ( )
USAID to Provide Emergency Food Aid for Haiti Earthquake Victims ( )
Clinton's Interview with CNN's American Morning on Haiti ( )
Clinton's Interview with NBC's Today Show on Haiti Relief Efforts ( )
Readout of President Obama's Calls with World Leaders on Haiti ( )
Ambassador Dicarlo Addresses Special Session on Haiti at U.N. ( )
Obama on Aid for Haiti
Muslim-American Communities' Efforts to Help Haiti
This Week from Washington, January 22
Photo Galleries
Reaching Across Sky and Seas to Rescue Haiti ( )