Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Coalition of Mulitple Countries to Train Somali Army in Uganda

Source: Daily Monitor, By David Mafabi - 2 April 2010

The French government, in a bid to restore calm in Somalia will set up a military mission to train security forces in Uganda.

According to Rear Admiral Christopher Prazuck, the French defence forces spokesperson, Uganda will train about 2,000 Somali soldiers as one of the long-term solutions to stabilise Somalia and bring an end to piracy in the India Ocean.

While addressing visiting journalists on March 28 at his office, Mr Prazuck revealed that Uganda’s military mission will be conducted in partnership with African Union, United Nations, USA and Uganda which is a major troop contributor to African Union Mission Peace Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).

“EU will contribute to the training of 2,000 Somali soldiers on human rights, international humanitarian law,” he said.

He revealed that the next intake of Somali soldiers will begin this month and last for six months.

Mr Prazuck revealed that EU is determined to help stablise Somalia by providing support to vital and priority areas such as security development, assistance to the population and capacity building support “because this is the only way to end piracy and insecurity”.

The army spokesman Lt. Col. Felix Kulaigye said: “EU will open up its military mission here to train about 2,000 Somali security forces to help build

institutional capacity of Somalia and to strengthen the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia to take over the proper management of their country,” said Lt Col Kulaigye.

He said Uganda under AMISON has already trained about 1,200 Somali soldiers to help pacify the area and set it on the journey to stability.