Thursday, May 6, 2010

Arms Control - Key Documents

The Obama administration has declared its goal of working toward a nuclear-free world. To this end, the United States has committed itself to destroying and dismantling the tools of nuclear war, in concert with other states with nuclear arsenals. Nuclear weapons play a decreasing role in U.S. national security strategy. The materials on this website outline various aspects of American policy on disarmament, and show U.S. commitment to ending the threat of nuclear war while ensuring world security and strategic stability. Following is a list of statements, transcripts, fact sheets and articles related to U.S. policy on nuclear arms control:
05/04/2010 (Article) United States Reveals Size of Nuclear Arsenal ( )
04/30/2010 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty: Promoting Disarmament ( )
04/30/2010 State's Gottemoeller Speech at Arms Control Association's Meeting ( )
04/21/2010 (Article) Arms Treaty Would Enhance Security and Encourage Peace ( )
04/19/2010 Remarks by Ambassador Rice on Disarmament, Global Security ( )
04/12/2010 (Article) South Africa, Kazakhstan Offer Examples for Nuclear Disarmament ( )
04/12/2010 (Article) New Nuclear Arms Reduction Pact Requires U.S. Senate Approval ( )
04/09/2010 (Article) Nuclear Arms Reduction Group Hails New U.S.-Russia Pact ( )
04/08/2010 (Article) With New START, U.S., Russia Commit to Disarmament ( )
04/08/2010 President Obama's Dinner with Central, Eastern European Leaders ( )
04/08/2010 New START Protects U.S. Ability to Develop, Deploy Conventional Capabilities ( )
04/07/2010 (Article) U.S. Nuclear Strategy Redefines Deterrence ( )
04/06/2010 Nuclear Posture Review Report: Executive Summary ( )
03/29/2010 Under Secretary Tauscher on New START Treaty and Nonproliferation ( )
03/29/2010 Obama's Call with Russian President Medvedev on START ( )
03/26/2010 (Article) START Reflects U.S. Intent to Create Nuclear-Free World ( )