Friday, May 14, 2010

Head of the Djibouti Gendarmerie found shot dead in his home

Djibouti, (TF.SF) – The head of the Djibouti national police force known as the Gendarmerie, Colonel Abdi Boqore, was found dead in his home early Tuesday morning with multiple bullet wounds.

There is much speculation as to the specifics of his death. Speaking to VOA, the president of the PND party Aden Roble Awaleh said that it is still too early to tell whether or not he has been murdered or he committed suicide. The Djibouti government has yet to release a formal statement regarding his death.

“The relatives of Mr. Boqore do not believe that he killed himself, but that he was murdered” said Mr. Awaleh. His family believes that the circumstances of his death do not suggest suicide. He was found in his home with four bullet wounds. Furthermore, they doubt the integrity of the ongoing investigation being carried out by the Djibouti government.

The Gendarmerie is the forces responsible for national security, protecting the ports and the presidential palace.

The death of Abdi Boqore comes at a time when the Djibouti parliament reformed the constitution to allow the President to stand an election for a fourth consecutive term. The election is scheduled to take place in 2011.