Sunday, June 27, 2010

Somaliland citizens rouse for the polling stations

By Mohammed Omar Hussein | Jun 26, 2010

The citizens of Somaliland have officially on Saturday morning the 26 of June 2010 moved towards the polling stations in to elect the next President of the country.

The people of Somaliland will cast their votes in 1800 polling stations in all the 6 regions in the country.

According to the electoral commission of Somaliland 1100,000 will be casting their votes and the presidential election will be taking place in the distance between Dhahar in the boarder between Putland and Lowyade in the boarder between Somaliland and Djibouti. The people will be casting their votes till dusk as the electoral commission of Somaliland has promised.

Among the people who will be casting their votes is the current president of Somaliland honorable Dahir Rayale Kaahin and the two leaders of the opposition parties’ those are honorable Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo and honorable Feisal Ali Warabe.

“The people of Somaliland have in mass come out from their residential areas and proudly walked away towards the polling stations in the country wide in order to cast their votes to the next President of the country there is no disturbing traffic jam in city all motorists were banned on the streets for not to tardy the people dashing to the polling stations” said Jamal Ibrahim Mohammed a veteran Somali journalist in Hargeisa.

This will be the 4th Presidential election in Somaliland since it has separated from the rest of Somalia in the year 1991, and the current party which is now in power has been achieving the presidency of the country.

On the other hand the President of Somalia his Excellency President Sheikh Shariff Sheikh Ahmed has sent congratulations to the people of Somaliland in this occasion of Presidential election in the country.

“I wish harmony success for the people and nation of Somaliland, and in fact it is a remarkable day not only for the citizens of Somaliland but for the entire Somali people, and I hope that every runner to accept the outcome of the election, I would advice the southerners to see how their brothers in the north have arranged and though about their future” said President Shariff of Somalia.

Despite Somaliland separating itself from the rest of Somalia she has not yet achieved international recognition.