Friday, October 1, 2010

Partnerships For Sustainable Business Development in Kenya

Partnerships for Sustainable Business Development in Kenya (SUSBIZ Kenya) is a forthcoming project with the objective of linking improvements within corporate social responsibility (CSR) to modern business development among Kenyan companies with Danish business partners.

The organisations behind the project – Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE), the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency (DCCA) and the Danish Federation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (DFSME) – invite an exclusive group of 10-15 Kenyan companies to join. The project is supported by the Danish International Development Assistance.

The purpose of the project is to assist Kenyan companies to improve social and environmental performance and – on this foundation – to improve overall business performance. All participating companies will receive the following services free of charge:

1. Needs analysis, identifying potentials for social and environmental improvements as well as potentials for enhanced business performance

2. Individual action plans based on findings in needs analysis and preferences of participating companies. Participating companies are actively involved in developing their individual action plan

3. On-site consulting and training at company premises in order to assist implementation of action plans Training through joint workshops together with the other participating companies

4. Opportunities to engage in network activities with other Kenyan and Danish companies in order to share experiences and learn more about sustainable business development

Topics covered will be tailored the relevant issues in the participating companies, but could possibly include: Environmental management, cleaner production, LEAN management and higher productivity, resource saving, occupational health and safety, supply chain management, human resource management and human rights and labour rights in a business perspective

The project draws on the experience and successful outcome of a previous and similar project conducted in India (see Though SUSBIZ Kenya will be specifically tailored to the Kenyan context, comparable outcomes can be ex-pected such as:

1. A more satisfied and better performing workforce as a result of improved health and better working conditions

2. Decreased negative impact on the external environment

3. Financial savings related to increased recycling and resource savings (e.g. raw material, electricity, water, decreased ex-penses related to disposal of waste etc.)

4. Improved ability to attract large international buyers, as these are typically more concerned about social and environ-mental impacts in their supply chain

5. Improved level of quality and ability to deliver on time, which will also impinge positively on your potential to attract large international buyers

Impacts will depend on potentials specific to your company and constellation with your Danish business partner. However, the main objective is to assist your company in implementing sustainable business practices and CSR in an approach that will also facilitate long term sustained business growth. Your Danish business partner will also be involved in the project, but the extent of this involvement will rest on the wish of both you and your business partner.

For more information about the project, please contact: Charles Nyangute on email:, or Tel: 2721929/48/49/52, 2720242/62/0171