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3eTI Launches New High-Speed Crypto Device to Secure Sensitive Data Links for Military Operations

Ethernet Encryption Delivers Enhanced Security and Performance for Five Times the Throughput of Legacy Encryptors

December 14, 2011 ROCKVILLE, Md. | 3e Technologies International (3eTI), an Ultra Electronics company and leading provider of highly secure wireless networks that enable critical systems security and infrastructure assurance, has unveiled its new EtherGuard HSE (3e-636N) product. EtherGuard HSE is designed to provide high speed data encryption for enhanced performance and reliability, providing impenetrable multi-key data security that will enable the ultimate in secure applications for DoD network operators.

“With the introduction of EtherGuard HSE, we continue to make military-based networks more secure, resilient and manageable, providing the ideal system size, weight and power for optimal functionality,” says Benga Erinle, President of 3eTI. “EtherGuard HSE is a significant milestone in encryption technology that meets the robust and strict requirements for mission-critical networks. It’s a milestone that will solidify the company’s leadership in the DoD sector well into the future.”

Designed to meet FIPS-140-2 Level 2 validation and Common Criteria certification standards, EtherGuard HSE uses 3eTI’s proprietary DarkNode technology to uphold strict DoD-grade security and protect against Layer 2 vulnerabilities. The device’s higher throughput will improve secure network transmissions while simplifying management by allowing selective encryption according to traffic type.

The military-grade encryption device maintains close to 700 Mbps high-speed encryption and exceptionally low latency at less than 500 microseconds. This will dramatically improve performance by operating at full speed without packet loss, regardless of whether bandwidth-intensive applications, or multiple users and devices are involved.

Enhanced features of EtherGuard HSE include:
• Impenetrable encryption – Robust FIPS 140-2 Level 2 inline encryption, decryption, and data integrity
• Affordable – VLAN mapping reduces cost via shared Ethernet switching
• Quick and easy deployment – New system size, weight and power (SWaP) design, and point-to-point and point-to-multipoint options for added network flexibility
• Excellent latency and jitter performance – Low latency line-rate encryption at under 500 microseconds
• 3eTI DarkNode technology – Encryption technology with “no back doors”

“Militaries and governmental agencies require a unique set of severe requirements for their network communications,” says Thurston Brooks, Vice President, Product Marketing, 3eTI. “Like the 3eTI devices that have come before it, EtherGuard HSE uses full line-rate encryption to protect critical data and is rated at industrial temperatures between -40oC and 70oC, making it flexible for indoor or outdoor deployments.”

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3e Technologies International (3eTI), an Ultra Electronics company, is a leading provider of highly secure wireless networks that enable critical systems security, infrastructure security and industrial automation for the military, government, industrial and utility markets. Its product portfolio includes proven and robust secure wireless mesh networks, sensor networks, cyber security, and perimeter security solutions, deployed for a range of applications, including military base security, onboard military ship communications, rapidly deployable public safety communications, and advanced metering infrastructure for SmartGrid programs. 3eTI’s platforms are approved for use by the most stringent and demanding customers: the U.S. military.

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