Monday, March 18, 2013

Expression of Interests: Zambian Road Sector: Link Zambia 8000 Project

Brief description of call: The Zambian Road Development Agency (RDA) has reached out and encouraged major American engagement in the Zambian road sector. Specifically, RDA proposes that American companies consider undertaking a large portion of the Link Zambia 8000 Road Project. This priority project envisions building 8000 km of high quality single and dual lane roads throughout the landlocked country. As the largest copper producer in Africa, Zambia relies heavily on its road network to ship mine inputs and exports overseas through its eight neighboring countries. Zambia’s neighbors also heavily use Zambian roads to provide a reliable and shorter path to African ports. The project is expected to last at least five years and is estimated to cost over $5 to $6 billion dollars. RDA has proposed U.S. companies consider undertaking the construction of the key toll roads which will carry the bulk of the commercial traffic and could be built and operate on a sustainable revenue model. These priority toll routes comprise the backbone of Zambia’s national road network, including: Solwezi to Kazungula (with a spur to Kasumbalesa); Kapiri Mposhi to Nakonde; and Lusaka to Mchinji via Chipata. Managed properly, this project could make Zambia a transportation hub for Southern Africa. The Government of Zambia is seeking world class roads construction project management companies to take part in this growth opportunity.
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