Thursday, May 23, 2013

via TRALAC- A brief overview of intra-African trade in east and southern Africa

TRALAC Working Paper:  A brief overview of intra-African trade in east and southern Africa: Kenya, Zambia and Uganda
By Rudi van Blerk, tralac Internship Programme:  The historically low levels of intra-African trade have made Africa vulnerable to external economic shocks and have fostered a dependency on the rest of the world. As a result of these low levels of trade many African countries have not been able to use trade to enhance specialisation between countries and accelerate development and integration. The high cost of doing business in the region due to infrastructural gaps, duplicate border procedures and high transportation costs are a major deterrent for opportunities to enhance both intra- and extra-regional trade. This paper focuses on intra-regional trade in goods and services in three east and southern African countries - Kenya, Zambia and Uganda. The trends seen in these countries provide a brief overview of the current position of intra-African trade, infrastructure and investment, specifically in the east and southern Africa region. 

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