Wednesday, March 5, 2014

RT Unexpected Africa: Investigating New Ways to Think About the Continent By Tom MARSHALL

MARCH 4, 2014 via The New York Times

What do you think of when you hear the word “Africa”? In this lesson, we seek to challenge preconceptions with articles that offer new perspectives and defy stereotypes. From poverty and war to arts and entertainment, the world’s second largest continent is far more complex than it may seem — or than front-page headlines may reveal.
You may wish to begin by surveying students’ existing knowledge and interest in Africa. What do they already know or believe, and what topics or issues do they want to learn more about? Students can use this K/W/L chart (PDF) in order to organize their thoughts, leaving the last column open for later reflections.
Then dive right into the articles below, using them in any order that you wish. Classes can focus on one or two issues, or use the categories below as starting points for further investigation — such as through a jigsaw activity, with pairs or small groups conducting research.