Monday, April 11, 2016

Mauritius National Innovation Framework (NIF) 2016-2020

Cabinet has taken note that the Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation would launch the National Innovation Framework (NIF) 2016-2020.  The Framework aims at promoting creativity in businesses and enhancing techno-entrepreneurship, through strong Science and Technology and Research cast, to ensure the ability to innovate continually. It consists of a cohesive set of practices which inspires imaginative/creative teams to –
(a)           look beyond the obvious;
(b)           explore a broad range of possibilities;
(c)            identify significant opportunities;
(d)           make informed decisions about the most promising paths to pursue;
(e)           create a shared vision for growth; and 
(f)   define pragmatic action plans that will align their organisations with the requirements for success.  

Twenty Schemes have currently been developed and are classified into four different clusters, namely Innovation and Commercialisation Schemes, Research and Innovation Grant Schemes, Research and Innovation Support Schemes and Capacity Building Award Schemes.  The main gist of the Schemes is to inculcate and promote research and innovation culture among individuals, groups, companies and institutions.